july 2019

20jul7:00 pmFeaturedBret Michaels with Jack Russell's Great White

20jul9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

21jul12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

22jul12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

24jul7:00 pm8:30 pmLV Retro Vibes

25jul8:00 pm11:00 pmRock Shot Bingo

25jul8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

26jul12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

26jul7:00 pm10:00 pmGrey Street

26jul9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

26jul10:00 pm2:00 amZowie Bowie

27jul12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

27jul8:00 pmFeaturedGypsy Kings

27jul9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

27jul10:00 pm1:00 amYellow Brick Road

28jul12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

28jul7:00 pm11:00 pmSundown Sundays

29jul12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

august 2019

01aug8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

02aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

02aug8:00 pmThe Dirty

02aug9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

02aug10:00 pm2:00 amZowie Bowie

03aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

03aug8:00 pmFeaturedThe Bacon Brothers - Shaky Ground Tour

03aug9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

03aug10:00 pm1:00 amYellow Brick Road

04aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

04aug7:00 pm11:00 pmSundown Sundays

05aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

08aug8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

09aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

09aug6:00 pmFeatured7th Annual Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend

09aug9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

10aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

10aug6:00 pmFeatured7th Annual Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend

10aug8:00 pmFeaturedBilly Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters

10aug9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

11aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

11aug7:00 pm11:00 pmSundown Sundays

12aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

14aug7:00 pm8:30 pmSwing City Dolls

15aug8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

16aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

16aug8:00 pmThe Fab

16aug9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

17aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

17aug9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

18aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

18aug7:00 pm11:00 pmSundown Sundays

19aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

22aug8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

23aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

23aug7:00 pm10:00 pmGrey Street

23aug9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

24aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

24aug5:00 pmCover to Cover - The Police

24aug9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

25aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

25aug7:00 pm11:00 pmSundown Sundays

26aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

28aug7:00 pm8:30 pmLV Retro Vibes

29aug8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

30aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

30aug9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

31aug12:00 pm6:00 pmDJ Ricco

31aug9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

september 2019

01sep7:00 pm11:00 pmSundown Sundays

05sep8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

06sep8:00 pmFeaturedRichard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine

06sep8:00 pmThe Dirty

06sep9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

07sep9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

11sep7:00 pm8:30 pmSwing City Dolls

12sep8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

13sep8:00 pmFeaturedDavid Crosby & Friends - Sky Trails Tour 2019

13sep9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

14sep9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

19sep8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

20sep8:00 pmThe Fab

20sep9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

21sep9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

25sep7:00 pm8:30 pmLV Retro Vibes

26sep8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

27sep7:00 pm10:00 pmGrey Street

27sep9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

28sep8:00 pmFeaturedPeter Frampton - FINALE - The Farwell Tour

28sep9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

october 2019

03oct8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

04oct9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

05oct9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

10oct8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

11oct9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

12oct9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

17oct8:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

18oct9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

19oct9:00 pmDJ Dig Dug

25oct7:00 pmFeaturedChase Rice

november 2019

No Events

december 2019

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january 2020

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february 2020

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march 2020

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april 2020

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may 2020

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june 2020

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july, 2019

20jul7:00 pmFeaturedBret Michaels with Jack Russell's Great White

20jul8:00 pmFeaturedBerlin Featuring Terri Nunn

25jul6:00 pmFeaturedBoulder Blues - Coco Montoya

27jul6:00 pmFeaturedSunset Rockfest - Dee Snider, Dokken & L.A. Guns featuring Steve Riley & Kelly Nickels

27jul8:00 pmFeaturedGypsy Kings